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March 4, 2019
“ALL IN! Incredible Practitioners to empower adults with disABILITIES through Education, Employment & Social Entrepreneurship”
"ALL IN! Incredible practitioners offering support to adults with disabilities for education, employment and social entrepreneurship" is a transnational project led by the Federation for Accessibility of Romania (FAR) and implemented together with five organizations: National Confederation of People with Disabilities (Greece) , Cesur Formación Spain), Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy (ACE-ES RO) (Romania), Conseil Francais des Personnes Handicapees pour les Questions Europeenes (CFHE) and the European Association of Service Providers for People with Disabilities (EASPD).

The project started on September 1, 2018, has a duration of 24 months and is developed with the support of the European Commission, through the Erasmus + program, KA204 - Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices.

"All In" to stimulate a multidisciplinary and collaborative framework that supports increasing the quality of the activity of adult education practitioners and their initiatives and services to adapt to the needs of adults with disabilities in the light of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ( UNCRPD).

The project is addressed to human resources managers, coordinators, trainers, educators, vocational counselors, social workers, mentors and other experts in order to acquire new skills and attitudes; new creative and inclusive skills and practices to transform education and support offers and services according to the needs of people with disabilities.
Also, the project is addressed to NGOs for persons with disabilities, as well as to persons with disabilities, to providers of adult education services and employers, political actors, employers, public authorities.

ALL IN! will promote intellectual products, 5 complex IOs (intellectual autputs):

IO1 "ALL IN" - a virtual resource bank with 5 practical resources based on INTERDISCIPLINARITY to increase the quality of the initiatives and services of educators and other practitioners, to be adapted to the specific needs of adults with disabilities.

IO2 "Ready for the labor market" (RLM) - as a support manual for educators, mentors, vocational counselors. & nbsp;

IO3 - a boardgame - READY boarded called "READY4Impact" - as an innovative pedagogical online game that will be used by educators / mentors in their work with adults with disabilities for the practical learning of a social enterprise.

IO4 HR Disability Tool for human resources managers - career counselors, educators, job mentors, employers, etc., as a virtual collection of examples, practices on people with disabilities using assistive technologies for success and productivity in education and Employment.

IO5 - Manifesto "Help practitioners get inclusive education for adults" - KEY message: "We could do more for practitioners in adult education" - Public policy recommendations document.Result of the entire project - offers resources for inclusive, individual, high quality learning that could be tailored to people at risk - and to less likely groups than people with disabilities!

The All In! wishes you to benefit fully from this project!

Do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page: All In!