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“Incredible Practitioners to empower adults with disABILITIES through Education, Employment & Social Entrepreneurship”
Intellectual outputs

General information

“ALL IN! Incredible Practitioners to empower adults with disABILITIES through Education, Employment & Social Entrepreneurship” is a transnational project coordinated by the Federation for Accessibility of Romania (FAR). The project is implemented in partnership with five other organizations in Europe:
  • Federation for Accessibility of Romania – (FAR Romania);
  • National Confederation of Disabled People – (NCDP Greece);
  • Centro Superior de Formacion Europa SUR - (CESUR Spain);
  • Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy (ACE-ES Romania);
  • European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities - (EASPD Belgium);
The project started on September 1, 2018, has a duration of 24 months and is developed with the support of the European Commission, through the Erasmus + program, Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education.

AIM of the project

To stimulate a multidisciplinary & collaborative framework which supports increasing the quality of adult education practitioners work and their initiatives & services in order to be adapted to needs of adults with disabilities in the light of UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities – UNCRPD.
Among many measures, Convention calls for non‐discrimination & inclusion to promote access to training & employment.

Specific objectives

O1 Equiping educators, trainers, HR managers, other experts with proper competences&at least 9 practical resources & tools for innovatively create adult education settings that support disabled adults in progressing towards higher qualifications and in their society & labor market inclusion in 5 countries/at european level.

O2 Empowering bridges between education & training world and work world based on a closer cooperation among adult education providers, enterprises, public authorities, other kind of stakeholders for high quality inclusion of disabled persons.

Target groups addressed

– educators, trainers, training&HR managers, coordinators, vocational counselors, social workers, mentors, other experts to acquire new abilities&attitudes; new creative and inclusive capabilities and practices of transforming adult education and support offers & services according to needs of people with disabilities to improve access, participation and learning outcomes of them.

– NGOs both of&for persons with disabilities; adult education&employment services providers to take a flexible view when developing strategies and models to support inclusion of people with disabilities through education, employment&social entrepreneurship.– policy players, employment agencies, employers, public authorities to actively involve them in creating a strong foundation for relevant disabled adult education strategies in a wider context of market labor.


The methodology of the project is based on the participation of all partners, from equal positions, but with punctual interventions, roles and tasks distributed in a concrete way, depending on the specific competences and organizational capacities of the partners.
To create a logical and coherent course in implementation , All In is composed of 3 main "packages". Each of them has participatory actions based on work / learning experience, application and transfer of news in the field between partners.
The activities are grouped into 3 interconnected working groups:

Work package 1

Development of an "ALL IN" virtual resource bank that contains 5 practical resources (OER) based on INTERDISCIPLINARITY.

Work package 2

Development of "READY4LABOR MARKET" (RLM) as a support manual for educators, mentors, vocational counselors.

Work package 3

Creating a human resources tool for people with disabilities using assistive technologies for success and productivity in education and employment. Developing a Manifesto "To help practitioners to achieve inclusive adult education" - as a Document of recommendations on social / educational / occupational policies.

Intellectual outputs

All In! is going to promote 5 complex IOs (intellectual outputs)

Outcome of the whole project – it provides the resources for high quality individualized inclusive learning that could be adapted to people at risk – also to different groups with fewer opportunities other than people with disabilities!


- a virtual resources bank with 5 practical resources based on INTERDISCIPLINARITY to raise the quality of educators&other practitioners initiatives&services to be highly adapted to specific needs of adults with disabilities.


- as a support manual for educators, mentors, vocational counselors.

IO3 – a boardgame – READY Boardgamenamed ”READY4Impact”

- as innovative pedagogical online game to be used by educators/mentors in their work with disabled adults for practical learning of starting a social enterprise.

IO4 HR Disability Tool for HR managers

- careers counselor, educators, work mentors, employers etc. as a virtual collection of examples, practices on people with disabilities using assistive technology for success&productivity in education & employment settings.

IO5 – A Manifesto ”Help practitioners to succeed in achieving inclusive adult education”

- KEY message: ”WE could DO MORE for adult education practitioners”)
- as Policy Recommendations Paper.